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Malcolm Gladwell revealed the forces behind extraordinary achievement.

Susan Cain gave a voice to millions of introverts around the world.

Adam Grant revolutionized the study of original thinking.

Daniel Pink championed the hidden science of motivation.

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  • The most essential, life-changing ideas from bestselling and emerging authors.
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Sample video insight featuring Daniel Coyle, author of Culture Code.


  • Save time! 30-minute video e-courses, featuring the authors, that highlight key concepts. (Express Membership, video-only plan now available).
  • Written course materials for each book, including interactive exercises, a reading quiz, and a collection of fascinating facts to share with friends.
  • Exclusive author interviews with Next Big Idea Club curators.
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Together, the four of us read and choose each season’s most exciting, most groundbreaking books. Whether it’s by a bestselling, award-winning author or an emerging one, if it’s life-changing and can’t-be-missed, we share it with you.

And when our own new books come out, we’ll include special written material exclusively for Next Big Idea Club readers. You’ll get personal insights—our favorite passages, our most challenging ideas—that you won’t get anywhere else.

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The most essential, life-changing ideas from bestselling and emerging authors.

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